Association Business


The by-laws as approved by members of the MWBGA are available here.

At the 2016 AGM, membership passed a resolution to make By-law changes to allow special request advance ballot voting, as well as revise the number of directors and term lengths. The new by-law sections 6.01 and 6.03 are available here


Guidelines for Submission of Resolutions (FINAL- Dec 5)

MWBGA Resolutions Template

Annual reports and and financial statements as presented at the Annual General Meetings are available below.

Annual Report – Activities of 2018 – As Presented at the AGM on February 14, 2019

Annual Report – Activities of 2017 – Presented at AGM on February 15, 2018

Annual Report – Activities of 2016 – Presented at AGM on February 16, 2017

Annual Report – Activities of 2015 – Presented at AGM on February 11, 2016

Annual Report – Activities of 2014 (Inaugural Year) – Presented at AGM on February 15, 2015

Provincial Regulation

As of December 16, 2013, the Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association has been designated under The Agricultural Producers’ Organization Funding Act as the representative organization for all producers of spring wheat and barley in Manitoba.

For a copy of the regulations click here.

Effective August 1, 2017, the MWBGA deduction is $1.00 per tonne for spring wheat, and $1.06 per tonne for barley. For a copy of the Designation Regulation amendment, click here.

All buyers of Manitoba spring wheat and barley should register with Colleen Lozinsky at Levy Central.

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